Our services

Everything from one source: We analyse, develop, design and construct all of our customised products. Our planning office and manufacturing facility are right next to one another. This is very practical and convenient because it reduces project costs, and also enables our technical teams to both work together more directly and continuously communicate with each other.


Are you looking for a mechanical engineering expert who can solve your issue(s) and give shape to your ideas? Someone who safely and securely manages your special-purpose machinery and prototype construction project 100%? Who takes care of everything? Someone who plans, develops, designs and constructs, while staying in constant contact with you? If so, then Mecabride is the right partner for you!

We analyse your issue(s), put ourselves in your position and find out what’s important to you in the long term. We listen to your ideas, and also contribute our own ideas and suggestions while thinking innovatively about what can be done.

Tailored to your individual needs, underpinned by the practical experience of our mechanical engineers, mechanical technicians and technical draughtsmen, this first phase provides a clear analysis of the issue(s) – the basic requirement for the following project phase – this is where we present a clearly outlined, implementable solution.

What can you expect from us at this stage?

  • A sympathetic ear
  • Enthusiasm
  • Technical expertise
  • Analytical skills

We’re being constantly encouraged to think creatively, especially when customers approach us with issues that they’d like us to solve. When this happens, we look together for a customised and turnkey solution for that mechanical engineering project.

Eric Schorkops, Managing Director


After the thorough analysis, the second project phase begins, i.e. design and development

Our technical planning office draws up an initial basic concept for a problem-solving approach, that we then use to provide a clear and specific idea of the machinery required and also the costs. Here, the customer’s ideas, specifications and/or specific production aspects are incorporated into the project.

We then work out our solution in every detail. Our planning tool records every detail, no matter how small, so that you can already view your machinery in action virtually – designed, looking and operating in exactly the same way as the real thing. During the third phase, qualified expert staff then manufacture the machinery.

What can you expect from us at this stage?

We present you with a clear and specific preliminary project (in CAD Inventor) and provide a budget for that project. What’s more, Mecabride guarantees:

  • Openness and receptiveness towards your ideas and suggestions
  • Mechanical engineers, mechanical technicians and technical draughtsmen with practical experience
  • Technical know-how
  • Thoroughness
  • Creativity

We and our customers have a huge wealth of experience. When we work together as partners, we’re most likely to ensure that the project is carried out to the customer’s complete satisfaction.

Patrick Drömmer, qualified mechanical engineer

Design and construction

The detailed plans are now with our qualified workshop staff.

The craftsmanship and practical talent of our turners, millers, welders and mechanical engineers and technicians in the assembly facility are now in demand. Our experienced staff both manufacture the various components and also assemble the complete industrial machinery in the facility from all the manufacturing and purchased components. Depending on its size, we may disassemble the machinery into several components in order to transport it to your plant and install it into your production line.

Our order has been successfully completed as soon as you can operate your new machinery at the touch of a button and it has been smoothly integrated into your operating processes.

What can you expect from us at this stage?

  • Craftsmanship
  • Technical and mechanical expertise
  • A turnkey project
  • Installation into your production line
  • Our technicians and engineers are present until everything is commissioned, and on top of that, all equipment, systems and facilities come with a guarantee

Our large premises that we moved into at the end of 2005 make our manufacturing and assembly work far far easier

Christoph Servais, workshop manager.