Special-purpose machinery manufacture

Over the course of its many years in business, Mecabride has designed, developed and expanded the unique and solid know-how in designing and constructing special-purpose machinery for producers from various industries.

Special-purpose machinery design and construction for industry

Customised industrial machinery for over 50 years

Historically speaking, Victor Schorkops, the company’s founder was the supplier par excellence to the paper industry in Malmedy for many years – Mecabride is now unbeatable when it comes to custom-made products for the paper industry, including size presses, cable tensioners, doctor systems, ... as well as sophisticated maintenance work on the production line.

Likewise, lasting partnerships with companies in the extrusion sector, manufacturing industry and X-ray technology generally distinguish Mecabride as an indispensable contact and expert in designing and constructing special-purpose machinery and prototypes.

Our customers appreciate our holistic approach to designing and developing special-purpose machinery and prototypes.

Projects that we’ve accomplished for our customers can be found today in production equipment, systems and facilities from a wide variety of industrial sectors throughout Germany, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Dubai, China, Russia, India and Brazil.